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Lay for the Day
5th February

1981: the largest Jell-O the world has ever seen is made in Brisbane, Australia. It is 7,700 gallons of watermelon flavour.


Rub my belly with good-time jelly
Ramble till we drop
Bramble plum morello cherry
Let’s go to the hop
Now you make the big pan bubble
Trouble’s on the lam
You’re a peach and no gooseberry
Get down to this jam

Pistons shove and the fireman’s shovelling
The driver’s cool like a fridge
Climb on board this train of love and
We’ll take it to the bridge
If you can’t get there from here then
I’ll just take the bus
One and two and four is seven
You and me is us

Bring your uncle and your auntie
Bring your cousin Bill
He can do the quickstep can’t he
And if he can he will
You may be a silver spooner
Or an iron pig
Don’t you think the moon looks lunar
And the stars are big

Everybody here’s a story
Every one’s a song
When you’re homeward bound for glory
You won’t do it wrong
Bramble damson loganberry
That’s about your lot
I don’t care which good-time jelly
Just take it to the top

Uptomystic optimism
For the optimum
You know well what won’t and isn’t
But we can get it done
When you see the distance shining
Why settle for less
Get close up and let it right in
You know the answer’s yes

Words and music by The Children
from Come Aboard

The Lay Reader: the whole poetic calendar

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