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Lay for the Day
4th July

Louis Armstrong said that his birthday was Independence Day, 1900, though actually he was born on 4th August 1901. I've put this poem for both dates, because he deserves two birthdays.


The son of the herald’s brass tongue,
once a proclaimer of pomp
and the slaughterer’s sign,
an orphan boy came

from hunger to play on the horn
of plenty a brilliant noon
of July, to pronounce
illicit feelings

of love from the rooftops, that laid
down revolutionary terms
and made the conqueror’s
instrument a voice

of hosts it had not spoken for,
defeated and dispossessed,
the grey weight of whose tears
were turned from the bell

to a downfall of unsurpassed gold,
to the pearls that Louis
from Storyville scattered
over the blue world.

His namesake a lifespan later
set foot upon virgin dust,
but Satchmo had told us
to walk in the sun.

John Gibbens, from
The Improvised Version, Vol. 1

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