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Lay for the Day 26th July

1945: the Labour Party of Great Britain, under the leadership of Clement Attlee, wins the General Election. Only weeks after VE Day (Victory in Europe), and with war against Japan still being waged, the coalition government of the war years, under the leadership of Winston Churchill, is swept away in a landslide.



Was a good time
Men had the sense of despair
Unsuccumbed to, written down
Some men had the sense of women

That now they don’t

Evil was floodlit
Our lot was green and grimly cheerful
How could you tell them
Under all these pastel shades

Now they’re into?

Hypocrisy’s grey
Our lot was colourful
Even if empty, unbidden
That was the good time

The Worst
Failed War

The Twisties

The Thirsties

The Sickened
World Whole

The Presleys

The Sextease





John Gibbens
from Man’s laughter

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