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Lay for the Day
27th October

4004 BC: the fifth day of creation, according to the calculation of Archbishop James Ussher (see 23rd October).
Genesis follows a similar order, as far as the appearance of the different forms of life is concerned, to evolutionary theory, beginning with plants, followed by sea creatures, and then the land creatures, including humans.
From the book of Praises:

99. Of Days

[Be fruitful]

Cold-blooded from the sea’s yet colder blood,
God called the scaled and finned, the jelly-skinned,
and finally the feathered, to possess the air
that vapours flowed above, the waters swept by air.

Armoured, jointed, spined and clawed, venomous,
toothed, luminescent, transparent – the sea
revelled in its first carnival, freely moving,
laughed with its pointed mouths, its many legs dancing.

Dancing better yet, with wide arms outspread,
the birds, entranced with the freedom conferred,
like dervishes turned, their bright eyes a little stunned.

On Thursday the green surge of ocean leapt
for joy, yelling, at the land and, shattered
on rocks already weeded, ran back together.

John Gibbens
from Collected Poems

The Lay Reader: an archive of the poetic calendar