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The Children
In Memory of Grace
(TP1011, 2011)


Sample song: See Me in the Good Place


Illuminated gospel

In Memory of Grace is a set of 28 songs on two CDs, recorded in the Tipi studio at Crystal Palace. The songs were written over years, and now it seemed their time was ripe. Like those on Equals, the album before it, they were assembled with a central motive – there it is equity, the foundation of a better economy and ecology; this time it’s the spirit.

Our recorder is an Akai 12-track (the Akai MG1214), which uses a special format of 1/2-inch tape cassettes that are no longer made. State-of-the-art in the 1980s, the machine is now of Biblical antiquity. The engineers who’d been maintaining it doubted they could fix it any longer if parts gave way. So we felt this was going to be the last project we could count on it for – sadly, after its 10 years of splendid, if occasionally frustrating, service.

Still we were minded to proceed with extreme caution. We couldn’t afford to get stranded halfway through. So we aimed to complete each “chapter” of the album – seven songs at a time – before moving on to the next. We put down the basic live trio performances – John, Armorel and Hayereyah, guitar, bass, percussion and vocals. Then all the overdub sessions with our gifted guest musicians had to be done and mixes made – just in case – before we worked on the next chapter. You can see why it ended up taking two years. One result is that the album has the feeling of four subtly distinct "sides", like a double LP.

In the end, old Betsy was a perfect lady, and she saw us right through to the last full-stop. She even allowed us to do a final phase of tape-mastering, for that topping layer of creamy sound.

As well as the complete 28-track double album, housed in unique hand-built artwork, we have selected 12 tracks for a single-disc edition of In Memory of Grace, which comes in a standard jewel case.

A volume of unconventional spiritual songs dedicated to the Most High; a poetry and music rooted in English lyrical ballads; in Bob Dylan, and the sons and daughters of Bob; in Ezekiel, Matthew and the Psalms; in cultural reggae and the gospel blues.

The Children

John Gibbens – guitar, vocals, bits of keys and one bit of harp
Armorel Weston – vocals, bass guitar, shakuhachi
Hayereyah – percussion, harp, jaw harp, vocals

We count ourselves blessed to have been helped by this prodigious gang of talents…

Erick Legrand – snare and cymbals
Arnold Lane – drums
Katherine Toy – accordion
Darren Morris – virtual Hammond
Nigel Goulding – Roland vibes
Hipsophily Escott & Sybylla DeMontagna – harmony singing
Kay Grant – harmony singing
Nina Walsh – harmony singing
Isaac Lee-Kronick – electric guitar
Ricky Edwards – flute and bass clarinet
Alex Ward – clarinet
Lol Coxhill – soprano saxophone

Lyrics and audio clips

Volume I
Chapter 1
Celebrate Your whirlwind of words won’t turn us around
And Dust Be Raised We much mistrust that this be just
[MP3 audio clip]
See Me in the Good Place I hear they got a river running [MP3 audio clip]
Again You could get old in the wink of an eye
Turn Time takes a turn from the dark to the sunshine
Waters of Sleep If you’ll find just a handful, a handful of loved ones
[MP3 audio clip]
Dreaming Hill When we set out for Dreaming Hill one morning early, bright and still

Chapter 2
Isaac Where are we going, dear father mine?
Second Thoughts Oh we could run, run and never tire [MP3 audio clip]
Judith and Holofernes I’ll sing a noble general, of skill forged in battle
Something Stronger These, when the moment came, recalled the name
Ghost Dancing Go ghost dancing to ease your troubles
Made of Love Man made of love, made of love, strong and lowly, wronged and holy
Little Children Whenever did a man have to fight so hard?

Volume II
Chapter 3
World Without Mercy They’ll be taking you for all you’ve got
No Name You hold me in the palm of your hand
Fashion a Prayer I fashioned my prayers and I fashioned them well [MP3 audio clip]
Heart of Flesh Free the heart of flesh from the heart of stone [MP3 audio clip]
Greatest Wonder I was up on the hill and the sun was going down
Grow Strong A little more speed is just what the world doesn’t need
[MP3 audio clip]
Heaven Knows Live up, people, live up, don’t give up

Chapter 4
Coming True You let the music in you grow
Love and Trust Love and trust are not the only options, there are wreck and rust
The Tyger Tyger, Tyger, burning bright: a setting of William Blake’s Song of Experience [MP3 audio clip]
Gone for Good Don’t go down with your mouth dumb, with your own story untold [MP3 audio clip]
Time for You I’ll come to you tomorrow, I’ll comfort you today
Out Where the Pines Grow Out where the pines grow dark and tall, Mary and Joseph are feeling small
This Life’s the One You better walk while daylight lasts, walk in the light, walk in the light

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In Memory of Grace
The Children

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