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Minds of Men
©2003 Gibbens/Weston

Are the minds of men as foolish
As the thoughts of God are wise?
Well, teach my soul a humble exercise
And our hearts entrust
With the peace and love that are thy prize
And keep from us the vanities of lust.
Answer my prayer,
Please lift up the snare
And when I cry incline thine ear
When around creep shades of care and fear.

The crossbeam of creation,
Foundation of the earth,
Is hidden in the waters he gave birth;
And the grass of the field
And the oak of the wood of equal worth
Are to him in whom their times are sealed.
Birds of the air,
The fox in his lair,
Everything with breath both far and near,
Answered once our voice and shared no fear.

Sin and death in darkness
Closed up all the world,
But see a seed, a lamb, a lamp, a pearl,
Into this obscure
And fatal place came once for all,
To buy, to feed, to light, to live, to cure.
Oh, that was then and there;
Now things are still unfair,
Still falling under fire and sighs and tears,
And cries still blind our eyes and deaf our ears.

Political execution
Still kills children of God,
And cruel rulers wield unyielding rods,
And the meek hardly eat,
And their little ones go under the unyielding sod
Like broken stones beneath the mercy seat.
Where shall they repair,
Whose mother’s breast they tear?
This earth was given once for all those here.
Oh Lord, redeem this gift you bought so dear.


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