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©2003 Gibbens/Weston

I know you don’t feel the way I do.
I know why I’m losing time with you.
From the blood inside the heart
To the hand inside the glove,
It’s that unrequited love.

Believe me there’s a catch to being a crook.
I see something missing in your look.
From the eye of a hawk
To the breast of a dove,
It’s that unrequited love.

They tell me you can learn to love your place
And the figure on the money in your face
But if pull should come to push
And push should come to shove,
You’ll find it’s unrequited love.

Still I don’t know how to make you know,
What you sow is surely bound to grow.
From the day that you’re born
Until you’ve had enough
Unrequited love.

Now every day’s just one more last go round.
Something keeps on falling to the ground
Off the top of your head
From heaven above,
It’s unrequited love.

I’m not waiting till the thunder hits,
Me, I’m getting out from under it.
You see I’m just like you
And I was born to move
Till I find some requited love.

There’s clarity as hard as any stone
And charity that stands up all alone
Between the things we are
And things we’re dreaming of
There’s unrequited love.


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