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In Memory of Grace

Gone for Good
©2011 Gibbens/Weston

Don’t go down with your mouth dumb,
With your own story untold.
Don’t give up nor put your horn down
Till you’ve made your heart’s content resound.
May God bless your song with dreams come true,
May your inspiration renew.
Don’t go down, don’t give up
Till you’ve seen the whole thing through,
Till you’ve done what you came to do.

Shine your light to your long home
Till the end makes its inroad.
The songs you sing may make your voice ring
When your breath is mingled with the dust.
May the ceaseless fountain spring for you,
May your weary soul be refreshed.
Tree of life, bread and wine,
Feed you now and ever more,
Fill your heart with generous store.

Faithfulness needn’t fear death,
Seeking the way to life in
Hopefulness, while the day fades.
You will find joy in a barren place.
May love kindle your strength for kind, brave deeds,
May your liberation ensue.
Shine your light, place it high,
So the needy know your door,
So the stumblers step more sure.

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