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9Soul Hole © Gibbens/Weston

Canary Wharf Tube

Hearts of gold grow hard and cold
Digging down among the bones of old,
Down here where we’re slaving in the soul hole.

Heavin’, haulin’, jerkin’,
Tryna get that rock to roll.
Believe me I’ve been workin’,
Oh I’ve been workin’,
Sure as hell been workin’ in the soul hole,
Soul hole.

Groovin’ and you’re glidin’,
Wholly in control.
Don’t realise you’re ridin’
dead-end siding
Until you just slide into the soul hole,
Soul hole.

It’s filled up to the brim
With guys who think they’re Lucky Jim,
The soul hole.

Underneath the pavement,
Beneath the grassy knoll
You can hear us ravin’,
Oh we’re ravin’,
You know that we’re ravin’ in the soul hole,
Soul hole.

Some will dig for diamonds,
Some dig for coal,
But some will dig for freedom,
Oh freedom.
Dig for your freedom from the soul hole,
Soul hole.

Sister, strike a light.
We’re going to take eternal night
And make our soul whole,
oul whole.

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