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The Children
Rockingham Street

(TP100, 2002)


Sample song Busker Noise


New sounds in
city and western

“North from the Elephant & Castle, heading for the Borough and London Bridge...”

Here’s the word on the street (i.e. the sleevenotes)

We made this one as a trio, with Bertie Fritsch on drums. We demoed the songs – bass, guitar and vocals – and Bertie put the percussion to those at his place, Moonbase, in London Fields. Back at the Tipi, we taped his stereo drums onto the old Akai 12-track, and rebuilt the music on top of them. One way and another, it kept us occupied for most of the summer and autumn of 2002.

This is our most Elephant & Castle album: there’s a lot of tarmac and concrete, of Urbangst and Zennui, and lonelyhearts in the midnightlight, beating a fighting retreat from the antisocial networks, and lovers outlined in carbon, doing as the romance do.


Lyrics and audio clips

Busker Noise …losing my religion, three little birds, what they give you’s all they’ve got to give… [MP3 audio clip]

Peckham to King’s Cross …from Heathrow and Gatwick ghost-riders take flight…

Let’s Leave Them There …where their lives have been leading, into the country of two…

Going Out …now the blackbrid is whistling slow as though at something surprising… [MP3 audio clip]

Heart of Town …first time we met some band was playing, first thing you said I couldn’t hear…

Stop …who is the charmer and who’s the snake?…

Some Kind of Rain …where would you be without someone to love?…

Blue Plaque …you can reinvent the wheel, build a bird of solid steel…

Elephant Girls …there’s no more elegant girls…

You and Me Against the World …daddy won’t be your second word… [MP3 audio clip]

Fighting Upstairs …the life that they share takes the shape of a pear… [MP3 audio clip]

The King Comes Out Tonight …I fell asleep in Brighton on a rainy Sunday evening… [MP3 audio clip]

Small Talk …I have to bite my tongue, I have to play it cool…

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Rockingham Street
The Children

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