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A performance of it can be seen on YouTube, at the Housmans Bookshop channel. The song starts 4 minutes in to the video (which is part of a talk about Bob Dylan).


To the Tune of Abandoned Love

© Gibbens/Weston/Dylan

You said you’d return and I wish you would.
I can feel a breeze that means no good
Blowing from across the mountainside,
Telling me that time’s
Come to decide.

Still I’ve got no notion why you went
Out to where the nightingales lament.
Maybe you just had too much to do.
The blue sky and the black
Will think of you.

Wherever there are tears for an absent friend,
Whenever there are means to meet the end,
There the rain you conjured for so long
Will be pouring down
Like an old love-song.

The lights are all out where we once met,
The suns that rose have all set,
Every road has led down to the sea.
All the things that were
Are going to be.

Down the path the autumn leaves are strewn,
Ragged clouds have swallowed up the moon.
We look out on a sea too wide to cross
But since you once were here
We can’t call it loss.

Solitary figures in the street
Are walking with their eyes fixed on their feet,
But heaven doesn’t come to those who wait.
Pick up your comrade’s sword
And storm the gate.

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