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The Present:
miscellaneous poems

& songs

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The Gun Site

A Norwood allotment pastoral – lines from the the beginning of Spring


A haiku print for William Blake

A concrete selection

Some visual poems, further to those in The Reality Street Book of Sonnets (see and onedit (issue12)



Sitting Still
A ballad from Zeus’s Camera


In memory of Burhan Tufail


Sand of the Thames
Won the Southwark Poet of the Year competition, 2005


Alfred to the Barmaid
Written after a visit to the villages of Somersby and Tetford in Lincolnshire




Ruby’s Song


The Promise
A callipygian ode



White Spirit
In memory of Burhan Tufail


Etruscan Nightingale
In memory of N'Deaye (or Inday) Ba, 1972–2005


The Conversation of Graves


‘They’re too well known’


‘A young sycamore’


Goats and Sheep
A poem partly ovine but largely capric


The Sea to Venus


And some songs

New Orleans of the Mind


Moments Arrived

To the Tune of Abandoned Love


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