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Becoming Light

Occasional poems

Published June 2006
A5, 28pp, stapled, card cover
ISBN 978-1-905465-04-0


– The Price of Eggs
– Beginners
– Wedding Song
For the Christening
Poem for Otis
– Lent
– Doubly Sad
– Sun Cut
– i.m.J.S.
Becoming Light
Byronics for Ronnie W.
– For the Christening


Weddings and funerals, wars and christenings – poems from time to time.




Wedding Song

These two have come to the altar
To prove again, again,
That something does not falter
In the withered world of men;

That though the leaves are ashes
And though the waves turn dust,
Though rings contain their crosses,
Yet there is trust.

And if dumb fingers grope
Nightly for a ghost content,
That there is fire, that there is hope,
These two this day have meant.

And should time’s judging sand
Have an open and shut case,
These two put hand in hand
To plead that love takes place,

And though the dragon’s woken,
And though the ground is shaken,
And though the tree is broken,
Love’s place is not taken.

So two before the one
Who shaped them of red earth
Stand to show what shall be done:
Two souls’ wedding, one life’s birth.


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