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Pictures of Birds

2nd revised edition
Published 15th August 2005
12pp, stapled, card cover
ISBN 978-0-9547430-9-3
The wren, the heron, the swallow, the robin, the wild goose, the tern and the sparrow – 7 birds and 7 shes.



for Jenny

None flies more shyly than she,
Who seldom comes from cover.

Her quickness catches the eye,
Though, and the jaunt of her tail.

As dark as the wood herself,
Umber lightens her pale front,

Who is said, despite her size,
To have outflown the eagle.

Being elusive, to her
Presence one’s the more alert,

Whose speech, like sparks chimed from flint,
Is also both bright and brief.

She may befriend a gardener
And company him in frost,

Then dip to an earthfast home,
weighs scarce more than a leaf.



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