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A sequence of moments from the grave to the cradle and back.


One Life

Published March 2007
A5, 28pp, stapled, card cover
ISBN 978-1-905465-06-4



– Beth Leaving
– Claire Cries
– Paul’s Picture
– Term
– Tryst
– Sheba’s Dreamwork
– Smack
– Silent John
– P.J.
– Potter’s Child
– The Straggler
– Revival
– Strand
– Wheel
– Sun

Claire Cries

I thought she’d take my life
or break my mind
with pain of her barging
a way from me.

The blood ran down beneath,
no shriek sufficed
her, whose conquering head
lies on my breast.

Her satisfaction’s brief
but all of peace
for a while. My blue veins
run to feed her.

Wet petal lips pushed out,
no words, no smile,
know nothing but my own
clay-dark nipple.

This tiny head as frail
as a snowdrop
trembling in icy wind,
green flame through ice;

this tiny head, the creased
seed of mountains,
opens, sucks the world in,
lets out its cry.


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