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Four Creatures

Published March 2004
A5, 12pp, stapled, card cover
ISBN 978-0-9539153-4-7

Hare, hind, hedgehog and vixen embody the four graces of magic, modesty, wisdom and courage.

The Hare

You came to be so restless
Running errands for the moon

In circles over the earth
With barely place to reside.

She made you of the copper
Of her rising in the heat,

Of dim tin, obscured by cloud,
Of her silver apogee.

She founded bronze to outlast
The summer’s grass you press down.

Rarely has thought been so quick
On its feet, or been so far.

She filled you to the ear-tips,
To the white bunt with desire.

Started from among the tufts
And gone as the vaned seed blows,

She charged you with her charmed ring
That turns me to a suitor.


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