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A sequence in two parts, Once and Yet


Eye City

2nd revised edition
Published August 2007
A5, 28pp, stapled, card cover
ISBN 978-1-905465-12-5

Once I was living at ease with time on my hands.
Now before the blow lands, would I spend half the time on my knees?
And what would I do with the other half?
Laugh? Laugh or cry? Cry to whom?

The room is quite warm and secure
Though a breeze makes the blind-string shake.
The flowers of tulip and flag are still
Though a broad tulip leaf that has sagged and folded
Wags when the grass on the windowsill
Surrenders its rags to the wind’s tugging.

Ill on Ash Wednesday I’ve lazed abed
In mid-February snow’s lenten melt.
But bray the mortal artist in his bedsheets,
Still you’ll not part conceit from him.

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