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Further Sonnets

2nd revised edition
Published July 2007
A6, 16pp, stapled, card cover
ISBN 978-1-905465-10-1

‘The apple trees’
‘A young sycamore’
‘They're too well known’
‘So some lovesick boy’
‘The sonnetteers’
‘Where I loved you before’
‘One gets the look’
‘The crowd’

The Conversation of Graves
‘The world is ours’


The apple-trees are in flower.
Their blushed tips part and widen
into brightness by the hour,
whose fall is near as sudden.

Awhite-pink, a red that’s white,
that tumble into daylight,
opals out of deeping mines,
become one more of your signs;

you who now are the pattern
of all such things as are right,
and came so soon by this power
to be known by earth’s designs

that from May’s hail I took fright
lest you were torn by the stones.


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