For Music
For music there must be a poem
whose surface is nervous,
sensible as skin,
whose power is to roll the stars in
and whose heart is the heart
to express glory.


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Trumpet, Trombone


Annie Whitehead

Annie Whitehead & Harry Beckett

Harry Beckett

Pipes, Piano

Veryan Weston

Session piper

Session piper 2

Veryan Weston

Stan Tracey’s band

Tracey, Weller, Barker, Themen, King

Welcome to London’s West End


The club that goes with the flow


In the first row below are some impressions from the night of Monday 16th July, the first Boat-ting after the death of Lol Coxhill, who’d played such an important part at the club. A toast was quietly raised to the fallen hero.


Alex Ward
& Tom Jackson

Ward/Jackson 2

Dominic Lash

Lash 2

Roland Ramanan

Dominic Lash
& Alex Ward

Lol Coxhill
& Alex Ward

Noble solo

Lol Coxhill &
Steve Beresford
Armorel Weston and Kay Grant
Armorel Weston & Kay Grant

Guillaume Viltard & Jim Dvorak

Noble, Edwards, Coxhill



Nights in the Klinker

Hugh Metcalfe’s amazement arcade. Currently dormant, but –


Hugh Metcalfe

Phil Wachsmann

String trio

Hugh again


The drawings are by and © John Gibbens

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