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Makings ’77-’83

Earlier poems recollected

Published November 2008
A5, 32pp, stapled, card cover
ISBN 978-1-905465-18-7


Awake for Ever
Kakua’s Song
– Ode
– Nostalgia
– Raconteuse
– The Laying On of Words
– Towards Euston
Making Love
– Monday
All Saints’, All Souls’ and Hallowe’en
– Girl’s Talk
The Eternal
Of the Abbey
– Stories from the Heart - 1, 2, 3
– Cutty Sark Dreaming
Little Boy Thinks Again
– Nightboy
KAL 007
A Question




The Eternal

Legs crooked, back pressed on the wall,
he looked sidelong at one among
that drinking company. This one opined
that they were all securely damned
in God’s forbidding, downcast, regal eye,
that broods on the sphere of his dominion,
unless they turned old age to shaky prayer,
and thus double-damned for premeditation.

Got up off the floor, dusted down his thighs,
brushed the sawdust off his doublet and,
grinning a foolish grin, departed.
Only to lose his way in a bare pasture;
to lay his void head down on a plump tussock
under wheeling stars, spewing their canary
plentifully in the grass roots and, looking up,
to begin to praise the eternal
in iambics that almost came out right.


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