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Makings ’84-’88

Further earlier poems recollected

Published November 2008
A5, 28pp, stapled, card cover
ISBN 978-1-905465-19-4


– ’The laughing stick’
To the Bicycle
– Sunflower Seeds
The White Hyacinth
Yard Spring
– Five Songs of a Stepfather
Angels Bandits
Song of the Iranian Prostitutes
– Parian
– Daughter’s Departure
Dawn’s Early Light
Miss P.
– Froth
– The Generations of Omo
Composure: an Ode
– Corvine
– Birdhead
The Heron’s Bride




Daughter’s Departure

An indented circle,
the mark on your cheek of her earring,
tells the force of your parting,
tearful clasp a quarter-hour after she’s gone.

Unforeseen, the osprey young’s first flight looks –
a slight leap into the wind
off the rough circle her wings’
beating has fanned for days.

Before northern weathers have wrecked that nest
she’ll fish African waters,
with luck. Now limbs twist to control
her climb from sticks to eaglehood.

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