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Makings ’89-’91

Final earlier poems recollected

Published November 2008
A5, 28pp, stapled, card cover
ISBN 978-1-905465-20-0


Before the Empires
– Ur
– Unseen Light
Blake and Wordsworth
Her Last Pictures
– Waiting for Buzzards
– Brotherswater
Vallier & Cézanne
Portrait of the Sun
To a Civilian Casualty
Fish for Breakfast
– Fixtures





from Brotherswater

Our climb seems through thought’s levels.
Following the beck’s course, books

and such, till the valley head
and scramble from combe to col

where hands do service for feet.
Breathers at the halfway view

stand to tackle aesthetics
a minute, then bring the lake

round the hill with ten more steps.
In the saddle of the ridge

fresh wind flexes the spirit
and five words of love suffice.


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