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The Smell of Thyme

2nd edition, revised and expanded
Published March 2007
A6, 24pp, stapled, card cover
ISBN 978-1-905465-11-8

Fear of Love
The Gale
‘O my simple loves’
‘Plenty of fish in the ocean’
Nude Ascending
Burning Venus
Lower-Case Gods

The Smell of Thyme
One for Sorrow
Grey Spring


Of these particular finches
A solitary male is singing
In the last bit of undrained swamp
Of his need to copulate,

To reproduce his brilliance
Of colouring and unrivalled song,
Phrase upon phrase upon phrase
To the exhaustion of his stock:

A canto as never before
On the grey-green stump of a branch
Because there are no females,
Because he is the last of a kind.



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