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Published November 2008
A5, 24pp, stapled, card cover
ISBN 978-1-905465-15-6

A sequence of 14 concrete sonnets – or 16, counting the Glossary & Index – and one grammatical one. Three of the former appear in The Reality Street Book of Sonnets (2008, edited Jeff Hilson, see

See also
a concrete selection

An Invitation

Come to the garden surrounded with trees.
The oaks are dark with pleasure of the sun,
The fullness of its yielding has begun.
The air is sweet with the smell of sweetpeas
And fruit boughs bending with work of the bees
And beanpole pyramids lean, overfreighted
With fine purple pods. Beneath their serrated,
Prickled leaves, the cucurbits sprawl at ease,
Which swell in a week to immensities.
Crowns of the earlies are yellow and done,
The fat little gems of their spuds are spun.
May suasive phrases of an August breeze,
Conjuring sights and scents, the senses mated,
Murmur you rumours of how you’re awaited.


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