is a place for poetry, music and even the odd artwork, the online home of The Children, John Gibbens and Armorel Weston. Now the tipi is pitched in the deep south of London, between the Dulwich oaks, the Gipsy Hill and the Crystal Palace transmitter.

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A Song for Today

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Next Millennium

In Memory of Grace, the seventh album by The Children
Albums by The Children
and The Mind Shop,
featuring Armorel Weston


The Children in concert

video discography, youtube channel, galleries, biographies

John's spirit lives on through his work
Read his obituary in The Telegraph

Lay for the Day

Today’s theme is…
The Battle of Waterloo.
Life insurance, sir?

The Nightingale's Code: a poetic study of Bob Dylan by John Gibbens
Books and pamphlets
by John Gibbens
including The Nightingale’s Code,
the Inkjet Books and Collected Poems

The Children's two last videos on YouTube: Black Mountain Home and Shady Grove

Felt Portrait
Felt Portraits
A tribute to the art of
’Asta Kristinsdóttir Wathen



Qui est-ce, Lullula?

The Mind Shop

Où est The Mind Shop?

Lol Coxhill
The Improvised Vision
A gallerxy of musicians

Orpheus Ascending

Orpheus Ascending
by John Gibbens
A poem of the retrofuture

Signed copy £7 inc p+p

“hauntingly captures the songs and rhythms of love and London”
Jenny McCartney

The GunfighterOTHER WORKS

Musical prose including

Miscellaneous poems including

  • The Gun Site An allotment poem: lines from the beginning of Spring

“No agitators, no clubs, no epidemical errors, ever were, or will be, fatal to social order in any nation. Nothing but the guilt of the upper classes, wanton, accumulated, reckless, and merciless, ever overthrows them. Of such guilt they have now much to answer for – let them look to it in time.” Ruskin