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Lay for the Day
18th August

1962: Ringo Starr joins The Beatles, and the Fab Four are complete.

Alphabeatles – part 3 [continued from 17th August, continued on 26th August]

K’s the Kaleidoscope
eyes of the girls,
the Cynths and Jackies
and Chrissies and Shirls.

L is for the Love
that is all you need.
For a moment it seemed
the world agreed.

M’s the Mersey,
that great shining current
they all four had
as a common parent.

N is for the Night
that was A Hard Day’s,
lasting monument
to a passing craze.

And O’s for Oh boy!
Have you heard the news?
Paul must be dead
’cause he’s not wearing shoes.

by John Gibbens,
from The Improvised Version, Vol. 1


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