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Western Civilisation
©2007 Gibbens/Weston

All aboard and away we go.
Stick with me till the fuel runs out.
The engine runs on trust you know,
The slightest doubt and it peters out.
Reeking meat and rusty wheat –
Tell me what there’s left to eat.
Glad we’ve still
Got each other.
Oh Western Civilisation,
Oh brother

Who says the captain’s at the wheel?
Who’s sending out that SOS?
Hear that ice against the keel.
Now it’s Jehovah versus the Man of Steel.
Lots to give, lots to give,
I’ve got lots and lots to give.
Get out of my way,
I’ve got to live,
Oh Western Civilisation,
Good idea.

Mozart, Dante, Plato,
Einstein, Michaelangelo,
Napoleon and Shakespeare.

My mouth’s gonna make me my next meal.
Accentuate the poverties.
I’m gonna go by what I feel
If I can work out what it is.
Bible law and tribal war
Don’t seem half as cruel to me
As making the world
Safe for democracy.
Oh Western Civilisation,
Pardon me.

Deliver us from the days of old
Cause nobody’s as good as gold,
Not even you in the centrefold,
So I’m not swayed by all I’m sold.
Watch out when Satan’s on the mike.
Relive the days of the Third Reich,
Part two free
With part one.
Oh Western Civilisation,
Let’s start one.



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