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I’ll Be Around

Too many fallen,
oo many ones that saw
The deadly night come crashing
Round their door.
I wouldn’t want to let
Another human down
So I’ll be around.

Stumbled onto freedom
Coming out of nowhere,
Dangled like the hanged man
W ith tangles in my hair.
I couldn’t seem to get
Two feet back on the ground
So I’ll be around.

The blue sky without
Which birds fly about,
The green sea beneath
Little fishes breathe,
The brown ground under
Filled with wonder
The circle of my days.

Running on the spot
Will never get you nowhere.
You better take a walk, boy,
Or sit back in your chair.
How can I lay my bet
On a steel horse town?
I’ll be around
And I’ll see you around.

Too many fallen,
Too many ones that knew
But you know I’ll catch you
f it’s happening to you.
That old sun’s long set
And you’re still around
So I’ll be around.

I will be around.


Jasper Hoiby, John Gibbens, Armorel Weston, Olivia Chaney


© John Gibbens & Armorel Weston 2003


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