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Walking Before You Fly

Armorel Weston, Jasper Hoiby, John Gibbens, Olivia Chaney

Though it’s true what they say about travelling light,
I could do with your burden tonight.
I’m shaking and snaking and shedding my load
And I can’t for the moment think why
A chicken like me crossed the road.
Maybe she thought you should try
Walking before you fly…

Come on now, princess, and give me the gist.
This was her careful reply:
There once was an eagle that stood on my wrist
And I was the jewel in his eye.
Fairytales end with a twist,
’Cause time came and I told him I’m
Walking before you fly…

Wheels raising mist in a rain rolling west,
Rusty sun ready to rest.
Vapour trails crossed in a window of blue.
I think I know what to do.

We’ve blown all the fuses like kings of the blues,
Still got a heartache to lose.
At eleven the door slams and in comes your knight,
Loosens his midnight-blue tie,
Holds up his watch to the light,
Says, Let’s you and me go get high.
Walking before you fly…

Milky cloud drifts past a three-quarter moon,
Blackbird’s rehearsing a tune.
From slumbering earth to the sweet by-and-by,
Orion he strolls up the sky.

Walking before you fly…


© John Gibbens & Armorel Weston 2003


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