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Autumn in Mallorca
©2003 Gibbens/Weston

I walked a dark road
Between the white rocks.
The moon in the sky
Was a lost silver box
That sank in the deep blue sea.
And thousands and millions of stars
And the headlights of one or two cars
Couldn't touch the night-black sea.

There’s a bar back there
Warm and wide-open,
So why come out here
To be stone-cold sober
In the wind off the autumn sea?
Why don’t you write or give me a call?
Since you’ve been gone I do nothing at all
But wish I was over the sea.

I walked a dark road
Up this bone-white hill
To sit on your step
And to lean on your sill
Where once we looked out at the sea.
Your house is locked up and dark.
Hope you’re doing all right in affairs of the heart
In your new life over the sea.


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