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Let’s Leave Them There
©2002 Gibbens/Weston

Some laughter, some heartache,
Some love and some blues:
That’s what they share
In the life that they choose.
Some trousers, some jackets,
Some shirts and some shoes:
That’s what they wear.
Well, it won’t make the news.
Outlined in the light
At the top of the stairs –
Let’s leave them there.
Let’s leave them there.

There’s where their lives have been leading,
Into the country of two,
Where this old world is receding
Into the pale evening blue –
Into the blue.

He loves her, he hates her,
He loves her again:
That’s how it comes
And that’s how it goes.
It’s raining, it’s pouring,
The sun shines and then
The honeybee hums,
The summer breeze blows.
They walk in the shade
Of the trees round the square:
Let’s leave them there.
Let’s leave them there.

What right have we overhearing
Murmuing words deep and slow?
Why should we be interfering?
Let’s let those lovebirds go.
Just let them go

To some party, some café,
Some long midnight street
They stroll down alone.
Well, that’s their affair.
Just walking and talking
While sound of their feet
Fades on the stone,
Fades in the air.
Let’s make them no lovesong:
Why should they care?
Let’s leave them there.
Let’s leave them there.


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