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The Children at play


The launch of Play

Armorel and John

Launching Play at the Spitz in Spitalfields Market, London, October 1999, with Jason Rogers, Anne Wood, Bertie Fritsch

Bar-flying at Maggie’s on Stoke Newington Church Street (below, photos by Rebecca Feiner)
and the John o’ Gaunt in Lancaster (underneath, photos by Jaini Hadley)

Boat-ting with Lol Coxhill on soprano sax (the elbow on the left is Dunstan Clarke’s, playing derbuka)
(photo by Jeff Hilson)


A perfect afternoon in Egremont Castle, Cumbria, July 2007 (photo by Peter Watson)

Heaven’s Gate, a Blake celebration at the Stroud Subscription Rooms, November 2009 (photos by Fred Chance)

At the Golden Lion, Lancaster, July 2007, with Hayereyah playing percussion (photo by Darren Forster)

With Frank Hall and Julia Doyle, 1997: we were so much older then
Below: in moody mood at the Acoustic Cafe, Soho
(photos by Lucy Weston)
At the Orange
Assailing the rock toilets of London in the late 20th century,
with Ivan Hussey, bass, and Bertie Fritsch, drums

ArikeOn the outdoor Revue Stage at the Edinburgh Festival, 1999, with Arike, right, and Jason Rogers, below

Jason Rogers

Alfredo Genovesiand Alfredo Genovesi, right, and Frank Hall, below

Frank Hall

Armorel and Alf

Gallery 2: at work on Play


The Children



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