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In Memory of Grace

Little Children
©2011 Gibbens/Weston

Whenever did a man have to fight so hard
To get just what he can, a little peace in his backyard?
Whenever did a woman feel such stress and fret,
Not knowing what’s a-comin’ from sunrise to set?

Oh little children,
Do you know whose you are?
A time of strife, a time of turmoil,
Peace and love,
Peace and love are with Jah.

Some will say they’re doing right while their brother’s doing time
And their sister’s doing time where the sun never shines.
For where one sees freedom, another sees crime.
Sometimes so-called wisdom is all reason, no rhyme.

Oh little children…

Now your trouble’s thick and fast and your wishes won’t come true
But this love was built to last and it’s time to make it new.
Someone standing at your door, someone’s calling out your name,
Says he’ll love you ever more and he’ll even take the blame.

Oh little children…

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