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The Children
Songs from the
Red Notebook

(TP101, 2003)


Sample song: Minds of Men


Hymns and hers

The songs were written in the red notebook sometime before 1992. We recorded them in the Tipi studio at the Elephant & Castle, south London, in 2003. John sings lead and plays guitar and keyboard, Armorel sings harmony and plays bass.

The piano on ‘Minds of Men’ was played by Olivia Chaney; the cello on ‘Wrong Turns’ by Ruby Hughes.

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Lyrics and audio clips

Three Kings Rimbaud and Robert Johnson and that good ole Rubber Duck… [MP3 audio clip]

Guitar Victims We sailed south from the Cape to the land where the song-trees grow… [MP3 audio clip]

Unrequited From the eye of a hawk to the breast of a dove…

Last Big Thing It might come in sackcloth, it might come in silks and lace…

Farewell Blues Goodbye to youth and all its pleasure, like shortage of cash and excess leisure…

Wrong Turns So you’d like to be my friend and I’d love to be your lover… [MP3 audio clip]

Five Get You Ten The who, how, why, when and where….

Sun Shines Bright I’ve been sitting by the window, watching the world go…

Minds of Men Are the minds of men as foolish as the thoughts of God are wise? [MP3 audio clip]

Lady’s Tale She was much too good at giving, she was one who stood out in a crowd…

Autumn in Mallorca I walked a dark road up this bone-white hill… [MP3 audio clip]

The Time They got us pressed down tight, but they can’t blow out the light…

Like Love It’s love brings out the poem in your soul… [MP3 audio clip]

Macaroon One sleepless buffoon, scribbling this tune, feels like a sneeze tonight might well set this whole old world alight…


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Red Notebook
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Red Notebook

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