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Lay for the Day
22nd October

1966: The Beach Boys’ single ‘Good Vibrations’, released on 10th October, makes its first appearance on the US charts, at No. 61 in the Cash Box Top 100.

Coming True

You let the music in you grow,
From you to me you let it go.
You feel it flow from me to you
That something real is coming through,
That something real is coming true
Like you hoped to see it do,
Like an old song growing new.

A rubber ball taught you to fall,
A rising tide taught you to rise.
Green birch boughs taught you to bow
And blades of grass taught you to stand.
From mighty oaks come small acorns
And roses from a bush of thorns.
You heard how sweetness came from strength
And life one day will conquer death.

Words and music by The Children,
from In Memory of Grace

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