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Buddha8Get to the Feeling
© Gibbens/Weston

Sometimes it’s hard to,
ometimes you have to
Cut to the action
In the heart of your soul,
Pack in distraction,
Get back to the kitchen,
Get to the feeling,
Get and let go.

Sometimes there’s no time
To take the big climb
Off the top your head
To the pit of your heart,
But when you find time
Get where there’s no time,
Get to the feeling
hat’s calling and calling.

Tempting angels, night and day,
Try to turn your head away.
They’ve got angles sharp enough
To make it pay.
Fanning you with ready cash,
They say, “Take a dive and make a splash
And if you make it through alive
ou’ll be a smash.”

Sometimes it’s hard to
Get to the feeling.
Your senses are reeling,
Don’t I know myself?
But when you need to
You know you come to,
Come to the same place
And make your call.

Sometimes it’s hard to,
Sometimes you have to
Get to the feeling
That reveals all you know.
No other place could
Make you peaceful.
Get to the action
In the heart of your soul.

Get to the feeling…
Get to the feeling in the heart of your soul.
Get to the feeling that reveals all you know.
Get to the feeling, get and let go.

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