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7People Rose © Gibbens/Weston

Travellers and Police

Ah the man stood up, the man stood up
And pointing in the face of corruption
He said, “I would recognise you anywhere.”
And those smiling men of reputation
Joined hands and round his feet they wove a snare
And the man went down, the man went down.

And the woman went in, the woman went in
And pointing at the cool board of directors
She said, “Your comfort comes from poisoning our children.”
And those cynic pillars as expected
Denied that their prosperity had killed them
And they put her outdoors, they put her outdoors.

And the man spoke up, the man spoke up,
Saying, “Surely you can recognise your shadow
Begging on the street alongside mine?”
And his friends said, “Come away from the window,
Come and have another drink, another line.”
And the man fell silent, the man fell silent.

And the silence grew, the silence grew
And covered up the buzzing in the chamber,
The buzzing and the cracks, those long inhuman calls.
The silence grew till no one could remember
The sound of what those words were on the walls
Like Libertad, till a woman stood up.

And the people rose, the people rose
Until at last they outnumbered the triggers,
Saying, “If we die at least we will have lived
As human beings, not as rows of figures
And you can’t take away the lives we give.”
And the people fell, and the people rose.

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