New work
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Only embryonic…


www.modernpoetry.org.uk – a plethora of information, links and thoughtful writing by the curator of the site, Peter Philpott, about the present condition of poetry. A great resource, whose pride of place here is not merely due to its kind, unexpected words about touched.co.uk

www.poetryintranslation.com – a collection of translations of classic literature by A.S. (Tony) Kline which is, to use an exhausted word, awesome in its scope. Perspicuous English versions of famous works in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Latin, Ancient Greek and Chinese, links to original texts and all sorts of other aids to study. I could be wrong, but I think this might be what the internet was invented for.


www.boat-ting.co.uk – what’s on at Boat-ting, London’s best floating jazz and improvised music venue: the Club that Goes with the Flow.

www.earthmusic.com/annie.htm – Annie Whitehead’s website. Annie plays on Play

www.ninawalsh.com – possessor of a most poignant voice, Nina Walsh can be heard on two tracks of In Memory of Grace

Art & other kindred

www.feinerart.freeola.com – website for Rebecca Feiner, artist, film-maker, provocateur… A couple of our songs have appeared in the group shows which she curates, her Fictitious Exhibitions – which, despite their name, do happen, and also have a virtual persistence on her site.

sunnawathen.com – our artist friend Sunna Wathen kindly agreed to be the cover girl for Songs from the Red Notebook