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The Children
In Memory of Grace
(TP1100, 2011)

Sample track
uploaded 11th August 2011
Time for You


Gracest hits

This is a selection of 12 songs, on a single disc, from the deluxe double set In Memory of Grace (for which, see here). Presented in a standard jewel-case, this shorter edition is accompanied by a booklet containing the full lyrics. Think of it as the vinyl version, or our Gracest Hits.

The background to the recording and all the musicians’ details can be found on the page for the double album. Cover photograph by John Hume.


The 12 songs, selected out of 28:

1. And Dust Be Raised We much mistrust that this be just [MP3 audio clip]

2. See Me in the Good Place I hear they got a river running [MP3 audio clip]

3. Time for You I’ll come to you tomorrow, I’ll comfort you today

4. Waters of Sleep If you’ll find just a handful, a handful of loved ones [MP3 audio clip]

5. Second Thoughts Oh we could run, run and never tire [MP3 audio clip]

6. Something Stronger These, when the moment came, recalled the name

7. Grow Strong A little more speed is just what this world doesn’t need [MP3 audio clip]

8. Heaven Knows Live up, people, live up, don’t give up

9. Gone for Good Don’t go down with your mouth dumb, with your own story untold [MP3 audio clip]

10. World Without Mercy They’ll be taking you for all you’ve got

11. Coming True You let the music in you grow

12. This Life’s the One You better walk while daylight lasts, walk in the light, walk in the light

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In Memory of Grace
The Children

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Overseas: £8 (inc. P

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