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The Children
Love Walk

(TP111, 2003)


Sample track: Your Love Is My Heaven


You’re on the outward journey on an inward road

We got together with two young musicians, Olivia Chaney and Jasper Høiby, then both students, to record this collection of songs. In choosing the material, we felt for what would harmonise with them musically, but the selection turned out to have a strong thematic unity as well, revolving around imagery of quests and wanderings.

With Olivia’s lyrical electric piano and Jasper’s inventive double bass – one or the other, or both, on every track – and special contributions from Becky Truscott on cello and Charles A. Fagan on soprano saxopohone, the album has a rich, meditative sound. Still waters run deep, they say.

Both our young collaborators have burgeoning careers now, Olivia as a highly original folksinger and Jasper with his acclaimed jazz trio Phronesis.


The Children on Love Walk:
Armorel Weston – vocals and bass guitar
John Gibbens – guitar, vocals, synthesizer
Olivia Chaney – piano*
Jasper Høiby – double bass**
Charles A. Fagan – soprano saxophone on ‘Paradise Behind Barbed Wire’
Becky Truscott – cello on ‘Moment Ago', ‘Holy Hill’ and ‘To the Bone’

*Olivia’s website
**Jasper’s website

Lyrics and audio clips


1. Inward Road
It’s the moment of the morning
You find you are alone

2. Show Me That [MP3 audio clip]
There were bright unearthly lights
Moving over me.
I felt shining alien eyes.
What do you want to see?

3. Paradise Behind Barbed Wire [MP3 audio clip]
Someday all of this will be yours,
Meanwhile you can stay on all fours

4. Holy Hill
We went around it three times,
Then I was shown the sights

5. To the Bone
When you put on the uniform
Of one who walks alone

You be prepared to wear,
Wear it to the bone

6. Walking Before You Fly
Though it’s true what they say about travelling light,
I could do with your burden tonight


7. Moment Ago [MP3 audio clip]
It was travelling quickly,
It was moving slow

8. Infinity
On the other side our ways will cross
And there we’ll find everything we lost

9. In the West
You’re able to stand,
You’ve got one good right hand
And the smoking remains of a voice left

10. Your Love Is My Heaven
I’ve got no time for you right now,
I’ve got clearance from the tower,
I’m flying home

11. Skye Time
The engine’s in gear, running on diesel,
The painter’s in clover behind the easel

12. I’ll Be Around
Too many fallen,
Too many ones that knew,
But you know I’ll catch you
If it’s happening to you


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Love Walk
The Children

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