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a concrete selection


From Underscore, a sequence of 14 concrete sonnets, plus Glossary and Index.

Example 1 (from Pickles, Physical Geography),
examples 2 and 3 (from Bold, Morphology of Plants),
example 4 (from Pickles);
examples 5 and 6 (from This Changing World [1945])

Three bits of this sequence are in the Reality Street Book of Sonnets ( and some more in the webzine onedit, issue 12)

"BODY LANGUAGE" is a newsprint piece which was going to appear in the (non-existent) second number of quiclude, a spinoff journal from the (dormant, possibly deceased) cul de qui.



U.S. Foreign Policy
U.S. Foreign Policy 2


Wasteful Hole

W.A.R. – A Western Action Romance in Four Chapters
Chapter 1: Aviator-Style
Chapter 2: Buggy
Chapter 3: Cruets
Chapter 4: Bright Vivacious Dirt

Smoky Shruplicity of Speech



With the Song of the Book



Quercy Sonnets:
, II (Peche-Merle) and III (Rocamadour)

From The Picture Word Book:
one, two and three

Together, these two sequences make up
Picture Word Book

a pamphlet which you can buy here
(though since you've just been given it, why would you bother?)


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