For Music
For music there must be a poem
whose surface is nervous,
sensible as skin,
whose power is to roll the stars in
and whose heart is the heart
to express glory.


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Ike Leo

Unknown rocker

Roberto Bellatalla

Julia Doyle

Roger Turner

Mark Sanders

Drummer X

John Stevens

Alfredo Genovesi

Lucky Ranku

Alex Ward

Lucky Ranku

Dan Driscoll
Memoirs of the Jazzhaus
The venue at the back of the old Duke of Wellington on Balls Pond Road. I used to do the door and draw there, c. 1989    

Pat Thomas

Nick Stephens

Dudu Pukwana

Neil Metcalfe

Jerry Underwood

Fast Colour

Fast blowing
Lol Coxhill

Lol in one line

Lol in lino

Duo: Lol Coxhill and
Veryan Weston

Lol again
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The drawings are by and © John Gibbens



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The Improvised
Version, Vol 1

Sample page (pdf)

The Improvised
Version, Vol 2

Sample page (pdf)
Son House


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